Neat Sounds Place!

Neat Sounds Place!

Put them in your Windows environment

picture of a Cylon from Battlestar

Battlestar Galactica Sounds (Cylons, etc...)

Some of these files were recorded as .AU files (SUN?) or in other formats. I have converted them to .WAV format for easier use with the PC, particularly the Microsoft Windows operating environment. I use a Sound Blaster 16 and have no problems with any of these. Let me know if you find problems with these.

The Doctor...

The Doctor and Daleks too. Here are a few files from around the Web which I like, perhaps you will too. Again, they work on my PC using Sound Blaster 16. Your mileage may vary...

  • Dalek: "I obey!" (24K .wav)
  • Dalek: "Exterminate!" (56K .wav)
  • Dalek: "You will obey the Daleks..." (63K .wav)
  • Dr. Who: "I think what we've got here..." (92K .wav)
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