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The Small Arms Test Unit

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Dr. Keith Hudson, Director

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The Small Arms test Unit

The Small Arms Test Unit at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock resulted from an interest on the part of combustion researchers in studies of the high speed phenomena occuring during firearms discharge. The Small Arms Test Unit was constructed and t he laboratory equipped by a grant from the National Science Foundation through the Center for Research on Energetic Materials at New Mexico Tech. Capabilities of the SATU include measuring of chamber pressure curves, projectile velocities, and the ability to coordinate spectroscopic and other analytical measurements with these traditional ballistic parameters. The unit has been used, and is available for, contract research into basic ballistics or to answer specific questions on cartridge or load performa nce. Projects to date have included: spectral studies of the combustion of rifle powders, supressed firearms studies to support computational modeling, effect of additives on bullet and propellant performance, bullet shape effect studies, and load develop ment for extremely slow burning powders.

Sponsors and Collaborators of the Small Arms Test Unit

  • The Remington Arms Company
  • Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (New Mexico Tech)
  • Keith Clutter's Homepage, University of Florida
  • Publications from the Small Arms Test Unit (PostScript format).
  • Technical Page: Measuring Headspace
  • Pictures from the Small Arms Test Unit
    If you are interested in the Small Arms Testing Unit (SATU), please contact Dr. Keith Hudson, Lab Director, by using the e-mail icon below. We will be happy to send you additional information. Students interested in pursueing PhD work in Applied Science (Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Engineering Science, or Applied Computing) on SATU based topics or related combustion areas are also encouraged to e-mail any questions, or requests for admission packets.
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